Review Policy

My Personal Review Policy

Thank you so much for the interest in sending me a book for review. I am currently accepting books for review. 

All requests can be sent to Feel free to send me any comments, and questions you have. 

I will accept:
Young Adult of any genre 
Middle Grade of any genre
Picture Books of any genre
Self Published books 
Cook Books 

I will probably NOT accept:
Hardcore erotica

Formats I accept:
I accept both ebooks and physical books in the following forms

*Finished Copy

What to expect in my review: 

During my review, I give the book a rating, my personal feelings as well as important info like the synopsis, publisher, release date, and places to buy it. All my reviews are fair and honest. I will not rate a book highly if I didn't enjoy it. 

I have a rating system of 1 to 5 stars.

1= This book was horrible, don't waste your time. I probably didn't finish it. Also, I do write about why disliked the book. Not just that I hated it. 

2= This book was okay but not very good. Probably won't recommend it to anyone, but still had some parts that I enjoyed. 

3= This book was perfect, but really wasn't for me. Just not something I enjoyed. Still writing a review that is probably positive. 

4= Pretty good, really enjoyed the way it was written, the story line, and the plot. 

5= Loved the book, and everything about it was perfect. I will only award this if I honestly believed this book had no issues, or if I truly enjoyed everything in the book.

I occasionally do post videos on my youtube book channel. 

I am also interested in doing: blog tours, author interviews, giveaways, etc. Just send me an email. 


  1. Your description of yourself reminds me of me...about 30+ years ago! I have recently published my second book, plus one novella, and I would love for you to review one or both of the novels, if you have time. My novels are series works, but they are NOT the cliff hanging type that requires you purchase the next book. Each book stands alone. Thanks.

  2. I feel like you and I would be friends! :)
    I am stalking your reviews right now HAHA!

  3. Black law school student arrested by the DEA. This is a story about race, love, betrayal and his quest to live the American Dream. The Smashwords version is free.

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  5. Maybe you needed the Which Way Switch when you were a child. Sad to hear when people have a less than satisfactory childhood. I will send my request for you to review my husband's first middle readers novel, Which Way Switch, when you have time, it will only take a few hours to read. :-)